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Building Effective, Long-term Web Presences for Concealed Carry Instructors

Crafted by Concealed Carry Instructors and Internet Marketing Experts, Concealed Carry America provides the most effective, cost-efficient way for CFP instructors to expand their client base by creating a meaningful online presence.

Our success comes from being intensely focused on the elements of successful internet marketing that produce results for CFP Instructors at a fraction of the cost of other internet marketing alternatives.

The Opportunity

Internet Search Volume

  • A dramatically increasing number of people across the nation are searching for concealed carry classes online. For example, over 500,000 people search for the words "Concealed Carry" on Google every month; and over 201,000 people search for "Concealed Permit".
  • People are searching for concealed carry instructors in a specific location, so an instructor with a strong web presence in their local area can easily gain relevant exposure that leads to customers.

Growing Interest

  • Recent events have aroused the American public to an increased sense of responsibility to stand ready to protect their home, family, and community by learning to responsibly carry a firearm.
  • Applications for concealed carry permits in the United States are dramatically increasing.

The Challenges

Custom Websites

  • Custom websites typically cost thousands of dollars.
  • Custom websites require ongoing investment to pay developers to maintain and update the site.

Free Websites (Blogs etc.)

  • Free websites do not instill the same sense of trust and confidence that custom websites do.
  • Free websites are not programmed to be as attractive to search engines as custom websites built by search engine optimization experts.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Search engine optimization is EXPENSIVE! Good SEO companies charge thousands of dollars per month, which is not a realistic option for concealed carry permit instructors.

The Solution

Professional, Industry-specific Website.

  • Through a professional, industry-specific design, a Concealed Carry America website immediately instills a sense of confidence in the instructors services.
  • Since the website is designed specifically for a CFP Instructor, it has all the functionality that is required to acquire new class members, including an online registration form.

Editable Website Content

  • Instead of paying a website deloper $50-75 per hour to update website content, C.C.A. clients can easily update and add to their website content at no additional cost through our system. This increases the appeal of the website to potential customers and greatly enhances the website's ability to be found by search engines.

Search Engine Optimization

  • C.C.A. websites are programmed to be inherently attractive to search engines.
  • The C.C.A. client editing portal allows instructors to easily edit important search engine optimization code that is usually only editible by website programmers. By removing this technological barrier, our clients can easily perform simple search engine optimization.